Thursday, October 11, 2007

A trip to Kanha

With old but enthusiastic lot…a group of ten seniors from United Kingdom. They traveled from UK to explore the wilds at Kanha Tiger Reserve. For most this was their first tiger tour and all were eager to see the tiger.

The tiger safari began on a dull note as we entered the park and for miles onwards we could spot nothing except the spotted deer and Hanuman langur, the two most common denizens of Indian jungles.
Wild bison
I could see disappointment writ large on the faces of my esteemed guests.

“Are there any tigers here?” They inquired.
“Yes,” I said, “around a hundred.”

I could see the eyebrows rolling.

“We are here to enjoy everything here,” someone said.
“You won’t go disappointed,” I said. Now here was a crowd that was not a tiger chaser I thought.

But spotting the tiger is an ultimate joy and a desire harbored by all visitors to the park.

As we could not locate tigers and other major mammals we opted for an elephant ride and bingo there…a full grown male tiger awaited us in the deep recess of the forests. I could see the cameras clicking and hear the whirr of the movie cameras. Jungle

Satisfied we moved back to the jeep safari and strolled through the grassy meadows and dense jungles between the forested mountains sighting birds and small life as we went past.

The three days of visit brought wild bear, sambar, hard ground barasingha and wild dogs into our sight and more birds.

And then the farewell…smiling faces…loud cheers…and a promise to return and meet Mr. Tiger and his friends again.