Monday, December 31, 2018

Brutalizing The Wild

The picture depicts how we treat our wild brethren and glorify our deeds. It also tells us that the World is a human dominated society where other life forms have no status. Well some of them have been labeled as endangered. 

At least mauling of charismatic animals in India is duly reported by enthusiastic writers and newsmen aiming for a victory reporting. 

The tigers and leopards are lucky because their demise is a matter of concern for those who are concerned thanks to reporting. The wolfs, jackals, deer, wild cats, antelopes, birds, insects, snakes all are dying but their demise is mired in silence. Forests are being ravaged unseen. We do not know when it will be too late. Perhaps there will be an alternative as humans are good at finding.      

The picture also depicts what most of the humans in India perceive of predators, and of course the benign species which are hardly ever reported dead. It tells us that humans that engage in this barbaric activity are illiterate and ignorant. Well not me! Some of them may be, but definitely they do not appear to be of elite class! But who did the decimation of tigers and other wild animals in India before the legislation? The burra sahibs - brown and white, the Maharajahs, nobels, all upper class and literate. Believe me if the legislation had not been in place these very elite now turned conservationists would have shot them all down.      

Those we see in the picture indulging in shameless revelry did not have the privilege to decimate our wild animals in the past. Are they making up for it? 

No they are just expressing extreme threat perception...and their ignorance of course. We have not taken up the cudgels to instill an iota of sympathy among them for these so called killer animals. The only thing they understand is what they see. A human gored by a leopard, man eaten by a tiger, child snatched by a wolf and what not. These are stray incidents that do happen and can be avoided with extra vigilance perhaps or better management. Why not? We are not short of wildlife managers or experts in this country who have proved their mettle.      

Why Not? 

Because we live in system which is only concerned with those with equity...purchasing power, voting muscle, wealth, clout and  all the desirable attributes that makes humans a big success.

Because we are overawed by the development mantra and sizzling scales of economy. We are indulging in luxury and comfort provided by things material. We do not care about the price we are paying for all that. We want more and more.... 

Politicians do not care for lifeforms with the missing attributes mentioned above. Bureaucrats those who do care are simply subdued by the lords and the system. We the people are busy with day to day life and many for amassing wealth and power, wilderness and nature do not come into picture or at the most a bit of concern. The conservationists, environmentalists and nature lovers...this fraternity  takes on all the load of the future to be. What happens when the ecosystems like tropical forests are inhabitable? What happens whence the rivers dry out as consequence? What happens whence global warming cannot be checked? The wild animals, nature all are inextricably linked with the habitable Earth. Well so many questions? 

Of major concern to me is, of the answer that we will have to give to the next of nextgen....or it may be imminent. For our lethargy, greed and neglect of the wilderness a heavy price will have to be paid. And the bells have started tolling already!         

Uday works as Naturalist Guide
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