Monday, October 26, 2015

Tiger Safari: Rumble in The Jungle

Guests Mary & Andrew UK

Enthusiasm is the key to enjoy nature in confines of dense forests. 

"We have come to enjoy all and make our holiday a big success," Mary said. "Its just not tiger, we wish to go back with happy memories," she continued.       

The evening was fun as we sat near the fire place enjoying our sundowners, and the starry night at Courtyard House Kanha in Central India.   

As it was to be, we came across many birds, bison and deer, the guest enjoyed the landscape too. They were clicking the nature's bounty with amazing finesse. Being amateur photographers they were well versed with photography.

Hot and Spicy Food went down well with them ."A bit too much but we will bear". "Ha!Ha". I was amused,  they were being sport. Nevertheless wonderful evenings, amazing soups and tit bits with beer and my rum.    

On day too we did come across the tiger in the dense canopy of Kanha Zone. "Sleeping like a drugged fellow", I whispered. "Well a tiger lies there."    

Then what followed in the following evening was amazing.   

"A leopard went in the bush just now," excited tourists on jeep informed us. "Wow"! We missed it or did we?
Ruddy Mongoose

Indian Roller
We drove few yards ahead and waited. "It seems to have proceeded further into the jungle," the guide said with dismay. "No wait,"I said. The big cat may be lurking in the bush, I thought. And it was. :Like a peeping Tom it cam out cautiously and looked straight at us. 

Sleeping Tiger
The mellow flare of the setting sun made it appear golden red as it came out in the open looking curiously at us. It was cautious and as we neared it went back into the bush. Well it came out again and our guests could take more photos.  A great spectacle indeed.   

Next Evening. 

Munna Tiger
Munna Looking at Us
Munna Male Tige r
Then came the big bounty. While returning from Sarhi Zone, Santosh our driver spotted tracks of a big male. "Turn around," I said.  
Nice Place to Spray

Munna as usual was ambling around at leisurely pace with a bunch of jeeps in tow. That was it, a safari  made holistic and exciting.

Scaly Bellied Munia 

Peeping Leopard
We came across many delights as you can see from the images Thanks to Mary & Andrew.

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SandeepaChetan said...

Good think about any safari is every time you visit the same place and return with new story to tell. Jungle will never disappoint you.