Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bandhavgarh Spectacular Mountain Views

The tiger park has unique topography with high rise mountains, glens and meandering rivers. The Bandhavgarh mountains are table topped with dense forest on easy slopes and rocks, sand and tufts of grass on the cliffs. The table land are always enveloped in serenity  and clam. The esoteric scape send tourists on ruptures of delight. 

The mountains over look the green valleys and rivulets that snake through the grassy meadows. The panoramic grandeur is breathtaking and mesmerizing. Tiger sightings on such scape are enthralling, for many a time the big cat is seen on the plateaus of the mountains.

At that great height when you look around you, you see some barren mountain walls dotted with man made cave and horse stables. The cavities in the bare mountains walls have been further dug up to make these human structures. In ancient days these were used by soldiers and their horses.  You wonder in awe how far humans can reach. With the decline of dynasties that came to rule here these places are empty and only used by tigers. These are excellent resting and breeding grounds for the big cats of the park.   

The panoramic splendor is 360 degrees, breathtaking and awe inspiring. The sight and feel creates a synergy between the tourists and the pristine surroundings. The roads all around are rough and with full of discomforting stones nevertheless you ignore the bump they generate, fully enmeshed with the natural India.  

The tiger safaris at Bandhavgarh yield much more than animal sightings - you are in a different World. A mesmerizing experience in a wildlife heaven and amidst ancient historical architectural masterpieces.    

The highest point in the reserve is Bandhavgarh which sites atop the mountain with the same name. It is at 800 MSL plus and is accessible after a steep climb. The fort now in ruins is an esoteric delight with impressive idols of zoomorphic forms of Lord Vishnu scattered all along the table land.

The highlight of the tour is the reclining Vishnu about twenty feet long sculptured from igneous rock. The statue reclines beside a fairy pool that is surrounded by dense vegetation of ferns, climbers and moss. The small springs which feed the pool make Shesh Shaiyya and enchanting place. It used to shelter weary soldiers on the way up now tigers inhabit this place.   

You can see all the idols on the trip plus visit the huge man made reservoirs besides many artifacts of archeological importance. The religious minded can pay obeisance at the ancient Ram Janki Temple facing the park.         

A visit to the Fort is not possible on regular park safari. Special arrangement has to be made in advance. A  permit is required which the resort in Bandhavgarh that offers you the accommodation can arrange. You need to carry packed lunch and lot of water for the trip. 

The plateaus are heaven for wildlife an you can expect to see animals in the grassy meadows and the forests. They are excellent for  birding as difference in habitat yields new species. For exploring Bandhavgarh one needs a stay of at east three nights. A long stay is bound to result in exciting discoveries. 

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