Monday, July 9, 2018

Clive & Ruth's Photographic Expeditions

Clive & Ruth Photographers UK
Tiger Safari
Guests Courtyard House Kanha
Naturalist Uday Patel

Clive is a professional wildlife photographer and keen wildlifer along with Ruth who equals in enthusiasm and clicks wonderful images as well. Their enthusiasm for wilderness and local cultures is unmatched. They have visited India many times and are keen travellers from United Kingdom.

They are our regular guests at Courtyard House Kanha. This season we had some exciting safaris and photographic adventures at Kanha National Park. 

Though the focus was on tigers we came across many other wild animals, and the guests photographed them with vigour. On this tour they have taken thousands of photographs.They have been kind to send some of their works at Kanha and Panna. 
Changeable Hawk Eagle




Sloth Bear