Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tiger Trouble - Live Stock Killings

It is quiet often that tigers come out of their hidings from dense forests in order to kill live stock. There are many instances of cattle kill by tigers in brought daylight right in front of the villagers.  This often calls for retaliation by the villagers during the kill or after it. The irate live stock owners often poison the carcass in order to seek revenge for the loss of their cattle. 

In many cases the tiger is at the kill with hundreds of villagers gawking at it. This is a dangerous act since there have been cases of people being killed by tigers on kill. This usually happens whence villagers venture too close to the big cat. These animals are intolerant whence eating and they charge in fear.  

The villagers encroach tiger habitats with impunity in periphery of many tiger reserves. This invites conflict with big cats inhabiting the area. Often the cattle are killed or the big cat chased away by the herdsmen.  This is an ongoing problem in tiger habitats and no solution has yet been found.   

Charismatic Wildlife of Central India

Male Tiger

Sunset at Bandhavgarh

Barking Deer & Peacock

Mugger Crocodile

Great Stone Plovers

Leopard at Kanha

Leopard on Tree

Tiger at Tadoba

Sloth Bear

Tiger at Bandhavgarh

Tiger Near Water Hole
Tiger is Grass
Tiger Road Crossing

Wild Dog at Tadoba
Central India or the State of Madhya Pradesh and part of Maharashtra abounds in enchanting wilderness and amazing wildlife. The animals and birds can be seen at tiger reserves which are of World Fame. Most popular tiger safari destinations in Central India are Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench National Park.

Other tiger reserves in MP are Panna and Satpura while sanctuaries such as Bori and Nauradehi are slowly gaining popularity. The charismatic wildlife can best be enjoyed at tiger reserves with proper tourism infrastructure. Places like Bandhavgarh, Pench and Kanha National Park are well equipped for tourism. 

The Tadoba Tiger Reserve is in the state of Maharashtra. Tadoba Tiger Reserve is an emerging tourism destination. With the establishment of budget and luxury hotels in Tadoba tourism for tiger safari is increasing. The reserve is part of Central Indian Highlands which were ones a contiguous patch. Tiger sightings are very high in this reserve thanks to less restrictions imposed. 

For wildlife photography Kanha and and Bandhavgarh are the best. The former for its tigers and abundant wildlife and the latter for its tigers and picturesque settings.    

Photo Credits Teerath Singh