Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wildlife in your backyard - Conservation & Photography

If you live in a small town or outskirts of major town than nature is all around you. You need not search for a mega fauna but small wildlife that spins its own ecosystem in your back yard. Birds, insects, small amphibians and even reptiles are part of your backyard.   

These life forms can form an interesting part of your study of nature. Photography especially macro photography is quite possible if you have the right equipment. You can capture bird nesting and breeding butterflies and other insects.  

Photography enthusiasts dream of filming mega fauna which can be a costly and time consuming exercise. If you do not have the necessary resources than backyard photography can also lead you to great photographs and articles. You must understand that wildlife photography is a serious profession and the glamor and glitter can be misleading.   

Photographing nesting birds in your garden is a wonderful opportunity to capture rare events. At the same time you come to understand the breeding biology of your subject. This can churn out and interesting piece of scientific literature that can find publisher in a nature magazine. 


Always preserve natural places in your compound and the neighborhood. Many life forms cannot find habitat in a manicured gardens and trees which are not endemic.  Hence even if you are not a wildlife enthusiast or nature photographer please preserve all small niches that are natural. This way you are saving many lives. 

Ask your neighbors, friends and relatives to preserve the small pockets of natural vegetation around them. Please forward this message.