Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tiger Safari - A holistic experience

Tiger tourism is a boon to nature conservation. It introduces, teaches and instills in mind the salient principles of conservation. It brings forth to surface that we share this Earth with many life forms and that we are all linked in a short of chain. It is like a family... what happens when the family is broken? You know that well... you can surmise how fragile an ecosystem is. Ecosystems are what constitute the habitat which are suitable grounds of survival of amazingly vast biodiversity. 

The tiger reserves should not be seen as tourism centers.  But rather tourism should be seen as  show case of conservation efforts, their success or failure. Tourist are the best sentinels of our natural heritage since they can express concerns which other life forms of the reserves cannot. Tourism benefits if conducted properly, hence rules and regulations of preserves should be followed thoroughly.  To enjoy the nature that we have inherited is to learn to value and conserve it.     

Visiting such natural heavens gives one an immense thrill especially if you come across magnificent species like tiger, leopard, swamp deer, wild dog, Indian gaur or bison and so on. You can come across an action thriller - tiger on hunt, wild dogs chasing prey, raptor pouncing on a hare....Good Luck.  

You can further heighten your pleasure by taking interest in birds - all it requires is a good pair of binoculars and books on birds. Dr. Salim Ali's book of Indian birds is good for the beginners. These parks are home to interesting species of birds some rare and enchanting. 

You should also take interest in the flora of the reserves and learn about the different forest types. Some of the local guides are very knowledgeable about the vegetation. You should enjoy the fresh air and lovely landscapes that surround you. the forests can be incredibly silent experience peace and tranquility.

Trekking Tigers 

Everyone wishes to see the tiger and why not? It is nature's most wonderful creation, top predator and magnificent. It is one of the most charismatic and beautiful animal seen in the wild.  It is very difficult to track tigers and you need lot of luck. 

Listen to the sounds of the forests they are the best indicator of the predators presence. Keep a look down on jungle road for pug marks ...they tell you a lot. Keep and eye on the deer and other animals they indicate tiger's presence by their behavior. Alarm cries are very good sign of a predator in neighbor hood.

Over all it not just the tiger sighting enjoy nature as whole. You will feel contented even if you do not come across a tiger. Making it a learning experience that is what wild safari is meant to be.