Monday, June 14, 2010

Kanha Wildlife

Though the tiger is the main attraction in Kanha the park is home to many wild animals in India. The most attractive mega fauna is of course the rare hard ground swamp deer. This sub species of deer is found only at Kanha and is surviving precariously after a remarkable come back from brink of extinction. The deer was saved in the nick of the time. 

Indian bison or Gaur is an ox race  and is doing well in the park. Around 1976 disease rinderpest and FPL either of the two wiped out a large population. Thankfully the population has recovered and herds can be seen at Kisli range in summers. There has to be strict implementation of inoculating live stock in the surroundings. 

Samabar deer the largest in the Asia survives in good numbers here and can be seen often especially in the evening hours. Sambar along with the ubiquitous spotted deer constitutes the main prey base of the tigers in the wild.     

On tiger safaris one can see barking deer, four horned deer and of late the mouse deer has been discovered in the park. The leopard is often seen with luck and so is the sloth bear. Wild dogs are seen more often in Kanha and Kisli ranges. Langurs, wild boars, rhesus macaque, jackal and peacock are widespread in the preserve and regularly seen.One can take a peak at the Indian python around the numerous water holes.

During a night safari outside the park confines one can come across many nocturnal animals - civets, hare, ratel, porcupine and perhaps hyena or wolf. Late evening hours are ideal for sighting leopards on night safaris. Park safari inside the park is not allowed hence one should drive along common roads in the periphery. Using flash light is not advisable. 

The ensuing tiger chase prevents experiencing the over all diversity of flora and fauna in the preserve. The focus of attention on tiger safaris is the tiger. This is understandable as the animal holds mesmerizing charisma and a mystic appeal among most humans. Nevertheless once you have encountered a tiger then go in for a holistic appraisal of the landscape, wildlife and bird life in order to make your visit meaningful. 

The tiger is usually sighted on jeep safari in four or five rounds but in most cases  tiger sighting would  take place in one and two rounds. Tiger show much touted as cola show lets many tourists have a close look at this nature's wonder. The sight of the tiger is the wild is amazing experience and turns many into sympathizers of our wilderness.         

For regular visitors the park offers a chance to study Kanha wildlife and birds as amateurs this is good. Awareness of our nature helps us conserve better. There are many wildlife photographers visiting the National Park especially during the hot months of summer.  Summer sunshine and animal congregation  around  water holes is ideal for wildlife and tiger photography.

Birding is exciting in the park with more than two hundred species to be seen during winters. Of late bird watching trips are being organized by tour operators of India. Kanha offers the best in Central India forest birding.