Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chambal River Images

Images of Chambal Lodge and River

Of River and Ravines

Chambal River Safari

I work as group leader and naturalist with Indian package tour operator "India Footprints". The company provides tailor made package tours in India.

The company operates package tours to several destinations in India. My involvement is in wildlife & birding tours as group leader and birder.

My recent visit to Chambal River Sanctuary was in one such package which included destinations like Sattal, Pangot, Bharatpur and Corbett National Park. The focus was on bird watching as it was a birding tour. The tour members where from Germany and keen birders.

Chambal river sanctuary stretches 400 miles and is a unique destination not so popular yet. It is an amazing river, pure and unscathed by pollutants of modern civilization. The river flows amidst ravines once famous for deadly dacoits - now dwindling. The dacoits are still there and so are the tourists who come to no harm from these insidious creatures.

The ravines impart exquisite charm to the river which offers finest boating experience ever. As one cruises along the river the hosts are none other then crocodiles and gharials with a pair of river dolphins occasionally popping up - it is an ethereal site.

The boating excursions are organized by the Chambal Safari Lodge owned by Mr. R.P.Singh a wonderful host and charming person. The boat excursion covers long stretch of the river with basking crocodiles and gharials - the fish eating cousin. Alongside loom large the sun burnt ravines and steep mountains. Amidst occasional splashes of cool waters, boating transcends into an incredible safari for the visitors. The river safari offers good birding, sightseeing and river exploration to the tourists.

This rugged land and the river retain pristine glory and charm of old India - glorified as personification of incredible beauty and wonder.

The Chambal lodge compliments the surroundings and hospitality is warm and the service par excellence. The accommodation retains the old world charm of land lords and their luxurious lifestyle. It is worth being here believe me!