Thursday, August 21, 2008

Indian wildlife

Wildlife of India

India is gifted with diverse habitats that overwhelms a visitor on each and every visit. The landscape is unique and amazing.

From cold climate of the Himalayas to Hot deserts of Rajasthan. In East there are tropical forests and to the West affinity with Ethiopian zoo geographical region. Hence the lion in Gujarat at Gir famous for it's Asiatic lion safari which have become very popular. And the famous Sunder bans National Park in West Bengal the abode of the Bengal tigers. The plains of Ganges delta differ much fro Indian peninsular region and so does the wilderness.

In the south Wildlife of Kerala the and true tropical forests in Western ghats. Southern culture differs from Western and Northern cultures in India and so does the cultures of the East. The diversity of India compliments in wildlife and biodiversity which changes as fast as the language and culture does after every hundred kilometers.

India has more mammalian species as compared to Africa and so is the number of Indian bird species. the bird species in India amounts to thirteen percent plus of the total species of birds in the World.

The insect and reptilian life is unique and yet to be discovered. From point to point region to region wildlife differs and how it does write to me Uday Patel from India.