Monday, June 9, 2008

Tiger Cubs

This year has been good for Ranthambhore tiger reserve in Rajasthan and Pench tiger reserve (Seoni Hills)in Madhya Pradesh. Tigers are prolific breeders but the extent to which their population has been decimated in last hundred years that this fecundity is hardly noticeable.

The reckless poaching has resulted in extermination of population all over India and has even resulted into skewed sex ratio at places. Combined with stress of human interference and continued threat of live stock and prey base depletion tigers survived in reserves and bred well. There was a marked rise in population of tigers in some National Parks. But when places which are disturbed and suspected of being under attack by the poachers - as Ranthambhore - report fourteen tiger cubs being born in the park, it is indeed heartening news. This also shows that the sex ratio among male and female tigers there is in balance and mating is taking place regularly.

Similarly at Pench nine tiger cubs where born recently. Pench is an upcoming tiger reserve in terms of sighting and successful breeding of tigers has resulted in good tiger sighting in the wild in recent times.

Another benefit of larger number of tiger reserves reporting good tiger sighting is that the tourism pressure will spread even and let off some air from Kanha and Bandhavgarh. The lodges and resorts at Pench and Ranthambhore tiger reserve will also see greater number of visitors if this trend continues.