Thursday, May 12, 2016

World in My Camera

Mic Clark 
Wales U.K

Guest Courtyard House at Kanha

Mic Clark is a much traveled man. And if your travel takes you to wild wild places than you are lucky as well. Well it is hard work and much sacrifice. He is a wildlife photographer, as dedicated as one can be. I had the honor of guiding him consequentially for two expeditions at Kanha National Park.    

For naturalists accompanying professional photographers is a learning experience...experienced or amateurs. The discipline and committed approach to tasks offer much to gain I did. 

Mic has been to Gambia, Kenya and Sri Lanka besides India where he has visited many tiger parks. Though he photographs all things in nature his love for the big cats is evident. 

It is a challenging task to capture images of tigers and leopards elusive as they are. We have been quite successful in the endeavor.  Tigers, sloth bears, leopards, swamp deer, barking deer, sambar and many bird have come our way in the pristine magnificence that is Kanha. With great care Mic has captured images of subjects that he chose to. I am sure images would be startling.          

Wildlife Photography by Mic Clark: Bengal Tigers - Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh &emdash; Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)
As is apparent from his wildlife photography website his images are spell binding. Years of hard work does pay which is important for young entrants to understand. There is no magic wand that showers these hard won imagery.    

His wildlife photographs have been sold and widely published on reputable resources.