Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Elusive Leopard

Yellow fur dotted with rosettes black
Painted like an artist's board to attract
He is the nature's star Lo behold
Handsome creature with striking features that on one look unfold

Leopard is the cynosure of all the eyes
A jungle spirit that depends on guise
An animal strong and very wise
He lives in the jungle to survive

Of cunning and guile and ferocity untold
The ghost of darkness is a predator very bold
He kills only to eat for he is a carnivore indeed
He hunts only herbivores and some birds to feed
That is the nature's design eat only what you need

He hides in the jungle in between rocks and canopy
Seldom seen the elusive cat is camouflaged to the tee
To hunt the unwary prey in the night
He uses stealth and complete surprise
He climbs trees with liquid ease
To save himself he often flees

Full of beauty and grace
With striking eyes on charming face
Smaller than his cousin the tiger
But equally strong and much wiser

The spots change are never the same
They have brought him name and fame
Poached for fur and game
Struggling to survive and loosing space
An animal labeled vermin and disgraced
The beast is facing his last days
He will be extinct for sure
Lest we mend our greedy ways

Save the leopard save his life
Give him space and let survive

 Uday Patel

Photo Credit Dharamagiri

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