Friday, January 30, 2015

Anshuman Singh

Anshuman Singh is a young lawyer based in Jabalpur in Central India. He is also a keen photographer and conservationist. At the forefront of conservation he participates with utmost sincerity in many activities relating to nature. He is active in initiating school children to nature conservation and birding. Here are some of the images by Anshuman Singh
Male Tiger

Pachmarhi Hill Resort

Painted Stork

Painted Stork in Flight


Red Eye Tiger

Spectacled Cobra

Male Tiger

Male Tiger Kanha


Patiha Female Bandhavgarh

Tree Planting + Indian Army

Umerpani Female Kanha

Verditor Flycatcher

The Tiger Story - Bandhavgarh



Male Tiger

Injured Blue Eyed Tiger and After wards

Blue Eyed Injured

Blue Tiger Bandhavgarh

Injured Tiger

Jeep Safari

Long Billed Vulture

Big Male Tiger

Tiger & Tree

Ruddy Mongoose
Alarmed Sambar

Save Tiger

Spotted Deer

Bengal Tiger

Tiger at Water

Tiger in Grass

Scent Marking Tiger

Snarling Tiger

Tiger Walk

Tige rin Bandhavgarh National Park

Wild Dog
Teerath Singh has been a great friend and client for website promotion. He is an equally great photographer, naturalist and guide. Teerath Singh also operates a tour company called MP Tiger Safari in India.   

Bandhavgarh is a happening place and Teerath's Images keep telling exciting stories of the wild. Here is one incidence of a blue eyed male tiger being injured in a fight and made to leave his territory. Well this winter he is making a comeback. Territorial fights among the big cats could be a messy and bloody affair. See the images by Teerath Singh in this blog.