Sunday, February 28, 2010

Images from Kanha Tour

These are the images taken by the group (earlier blog) on tiger safari at Kanha Tiger Reserve. The works though amateur portrays Kanha's wilderness in an excellent manner.  
Barking Deer
Bengal tiger
Bison Fawn
Bison female
Male Bison Kanha
Hidden tiger
Indian wild dogs
Dhole at Kanha
Sambar deer female
Gaur female
Tiger at Bison Kill
Bison mating

More images to be blogged soon....

A trip to remember

It is said that a tiger brings heart and soul together. Sometimes a trip for tiger safari gels simply because  interest matches. Driven by enthusiasm me and my friends from Gujarat drove into Kanha National Park and enjoyed wild safaris like never before.

At Krishna Jungle Resort 
At Bamni Dadar Kanha National Park

It was a fun trip in serious pursuit of tigers, other wildlife and birds. In one way or another it was a learning experience. Safaris are the beginning of the end to convert people into nature conservation. What could be better than a tiger safari in heart of Kanha. We went on night safaris on the Mukki road without breaking the law  and yes no search lights. The uninitiated express wonder and surprise at the work of nature ...and there creeps in an instant urge to save this valuable heritage of ours. 

By no means uninitiated the group has been to many National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries.  It is a deep seated interest that creates awareness and  certainly in time to come some more voices to be raised in favor of our beleaguered wilderness.

We enjoyed a holistic tiger safari at Kanha and left with a stronger bonding for all things bright and beautiful - tigers, leopards, deer, birds, other wild animals and beautiful tress herbs and shrubs.