Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where can I see the tiger?

Lot of tourists come to India hoping to see the tiger - rare and endangered - charismatic and powerful. Many ask me where can I see the tiger best?

There are many qualities about the Bengal tiger which makes it extremely popular all over the World. Myths and legends galore and the superhuman prowess of the tiger's strength the list is endless and would go on and on. Certainly I have encountered very few tourists who wished to see a tiger because it was endangered - Believe me!

Another reason is the thrill that the animal exudes among humans at its sight. Unfortunately many myths and mysticism associated with the animals has been the reason for its persecution. The tiger's power and strength has made many people believe that any part you consume of the tiger will deliver potent effect....nothing can be far from truth. Hence Chinese system of medicine is committed to the same fallacy and the tiger suffers. For most of the tiger poaching is due to the demand for its bones and other body parts in Chinese medicines. (SIC!)

Well, coming back to the question the best places to see the tiger in India are definitely as follows:

Kanha National Park - Central India

Bandhavgarh National Park - Central India

Pench National Park - Central India

Ranthambhore National Park - Rajasthan

Corbett National Park - Uttaranchal

Panna National Park

Choose these places in order for a tiger safari tour to see the tiger. Kanha and Bandhavgarh are my favorite places. All the above are tiger reserves and receive good degree of protection under Project tiger hence the tiger population is growing here.

When planning for a tiger safari in India one must first find out all about where to see the tiger best in accordance with one's itinerary. Contact a good travel agent online and get maximum tour details possible.

It is best to plan our trip in advance and assure all the travel details before leaving for the trip. There are many luxury hotels in Kanha and other National Parks. Choose the one that fits your budget and delivers what you desire. Many luxury hotels at Bandhavgarh, Pench and Kanha arrange tiger safaris for your trip. Some even provide trained naturalist guide service withing the package.

A minimum three nights package tour is advised since in that period you have an optimum chance of tiger sighting in the parks. Though tiger tourism in India is expensive some what but it is worth going for a tiger safari on your visit to India. Safaris are the best ways to celebrate holidays and long vacations.

The best season is always except during the holiday period and festival times when the traffic in the parks could be unnerving and hinder wildlife sightings. These places are by all means good for birding trips especially in winters when the migrants arrive.