Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tiger Photos

The tiger on the left came out coolly from a dried river bed and walked for more the a kilometer in front of our jeep without even a glance at us..he just kept on walking and then sat down to have a look at the surroundings before vanishing in the wild. Brr! it was a cold winter morning ..but the tiger spread warmth..he.he!

Tiger marking territory
Tiger Photographs taken at Tiger Safari at Kanha Tiger reserve in India.

The images are of different tigers taken in a span of three days at different habitats in Kanha forest.

This young male at left behind dense foliage killed the largest male in Kanha "Kaunda" along with his brother in order to command a territory. Kanha is the best place for tiger photography in India besides other tiger reserves.

These pics of an adult tiger marking its territory below.. soft bark of tree trunk being scratched with its sharp claws. In the next pic he is rubbing loose the pheromone on grass.

Male tiger