Monday, October 6, 2014

Awaiting Eagerly for Tiger Tours

Bengal Tiger
Ruddy Mongoose
Come monsoon the tiger reserves are closed. The parks are frequented by tiger lovers like me. Hence the monsoon offers a brief interval from various activities that we carry out at the reserves. I work as freelance nature guide while many visit the reserves out of love for nature. The photographers visit the parks in a planned manner independently or on contract with major companies.     

Sambar Deer
The three months pass over quickly and then the rush begins. The holiday makers constitute the largest segment and they come to see the tiger in the wild and take a swipe at other animals but much less at birds. Goggle eyed tourists are constantly searching for big cats they are least concerned with all that the ecosystems have to offer.   

Vine Snake
Crested Hawk Eagle
There should be greater impetus on interpretation of nature, wild animals and birds. Lectures, movies and nature treks are important mechanism to create awareness and goad people for conserving our inheritance.

All over the World wildlife tourism is not just tiger safari, it is enjoying nature holistically.One must learn from the experience and become committed to conservation. 

Savanna Nightjar

Images by Dharmagiri