Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Blue Eyed Boy

Tiger with blue eyes

This is an enigmatic and startling image of a blue eyed male tiger at Bandhavgarh. The unusual stance and blue eyes have mesmerized my sensory apparatus no end. Photographed by a seasoned naturalist Tirath Singh this is a classic example of capturing the right moment. The pose appears much man like deliberation. I have earlier noticed an amusing look in tiger countenance in presence of humans. (Could be my mind gone beserk?) The dominant male tigers are oblivious of humans whence not disturbed. The females are very shy but can be over zealously aggressive when along with cubs and threatened.    

From a humble safari guide Tirath Singh a local tribal has come a long way. Mr. Singh now conducts tiger tours in India through his MP package tour company. He guides many photographic expeditions in India. I have realized that this man is highly skilled with the camera. His keen observation power, equally keen eyesight and sensitive ears contribute to his photography skills. His understanding of animal behavior and the terrain is another reason for being successful in his recreation.      

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