Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Problems facing tiger reserves in MP

Tiger population in most of the tiger reserves in the State of Madhya Pradesh has increased in recent times. The breeding is impressive as on my last visit in November about 14 cubs at various stages could be seen at Bandhavgarh Park. But the encouraging survival rate is beset with other problems.

The threat is from external factors like poaching, man animal conflict, diseased livestock and territorial scuffles due to shortage of habitat.     

The security is poor as the due to understaffing as per news the post of forest guards, foresters, rangers,  needs to be filled on urgent basis. The funding is crucial for the survival of conservation centers in the state. The funding is falling short and is not enough to enable relocation of villages from the core zone and perhaps the buffer. 

Relocation is an answer to the man animal conflict which all the reserves face. The timely implementation is not possible due to severe fund crunch.

The center has taken an initiative to look into the lethargic relocation process of the human settlements in the tiger reserve. Panels of wildlife experts and conservationist have been  formed to look into the matter and possibly offer answer to expedite the matter.

This is encouraging if we have to save the tiger, inviolate space should be secured and possibly increased so as to form effective corridors and prevent inbreeding by encouraging migration.