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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My friend Peter

Tall hefty fellow he is an epitome of naughtiness and impish delight. That is what the old duffer as he calls himself appears at first. The pun starts before the handshake takes place. But behind the humourus facade there is a hard working specialist birder, top of the rung nature photographer and a philanthropist who has lot of goodwill for the poor and helpless.  

He is into ornithology and photography all through the year, especially in Morrocco where he does lot of human welfare as well. Peter seeks birds everywhere, he leads groups of Worldwide Birding Tours  Company. He is English but knows Spanish as well and perhaps other languages.     

The company conducts avian tours all over the World in top destinations. He excels in wildlife photography as well and was kind enough to gift one of his grand image. The tiger above is a magnificant animal and so justified by the image.

Peter Jones is very active on facebook and is a gifted writer as well. I have enjoyed watching avians with him on Kanha tour a tiger extension plus ornithological trip that the company organizes. I have also associated with him on bird tour in New Delhi, Bharatpur, Chambal, Corbett and Nainital circuit. His absolute delightful humour can be very subtle and effective. For he is a jolly good fellow! 
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