Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Micheal Vickers - Save Tiger - Jhurjhurra Tigress

He is an acclaimed wildlife photographer and  a conservationist by heart. His works have been published by reputed organizations like BBC, The Born Free Foundation, Care for the Wild International, The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and EIA.

Micheal is a lens man with a difference, he clicks for tiger conservation in India. Recently he has passionately appealed to conservationists, tiger lovers to keep pushing for justice for Jhurjhurra tigress and her cubs.

It is heartening to note that in our fight to save the tiger in India we are not alone. People like Micheal from all over the World are tackling this incorrigible system alongside to save the tiger from what appears to be a certain extinction.  

I have met many people from other countries besides many of us who are in for tiger conservation and contribute in whatever manner they can. Some name that are familiar to me are Face Book friends.

Amy Goldstein Cohen: Volunteers at local zoo and is up against those who confine tigers in private custody not up to order. She desires to go full steam ahead as to whatever she can do for tigers in India. She wishes to unite all nature lovers, conservationists active in tiger conservation.   

Phil Davis: Runs a charity called Tiger Awareness. He is active in tiger conservation and does a lot good for humanity  around tiger reserves. His website: http://www.tigerawareness.co.uk

Jen Dowdy: is fond of animals and is active campaigner for tiger conservation in online platforms. Passionate about wildlife and tigers she strives hard to save species from extinction. 

There are many other people who do not find mention in this short write up here. They are truly global activist who love and care for all life forms on Earth - God's creation.