Monday, August 16, 2010

Wildlife tourism in India

India is a growing economy and has received lot of accolades for its performance in recent times. Though the boom is more publicized in IT sector the country is progressing in many sectors. Tourism is one such aspect that the country wishes to grow rapidly since comparatively it lags behind many destinations. 

India has lot to offer in tourism thanks to its diversity amazing terrain and amazing society. The Nation changes  every short distance offering a new experience with each step ahead. From picturesque settings to demographic  discoveries of esoteric rites and rituals of changing set of people. Everywhere Incredible India excites with its ever changing facet and mystic.      

Wildlife of India has always attracted naturalists, photographers and in recent times tourists interested in wildlife watching. The tiger safaris are most sought of nowadays much better from hunting safaris in olden times. But the country has much more to offer than just tiger sightings there many more keystone species. 

Apart from tigers, India is home to Asiatic lion, Indian one horned rhino, Indian elephant, Wild ass, Leopard, Bison and many endemic rare species of mammals and reptiles. Birding in India is a growing recreation. The Nationa is home to more than thirteen percent of avian species in the World. Among the reptiles the Gharial and Gengetic dolphin, muggers and slat water crocodile are interesting  animals. The cobra is a legend but the land is home to many interesting species of snakes and turtles. The forests and garden have rich assemblage of butterflies and insects as well. 

All these are hot potatoes for wild life lovers and naturalists not forgetting the ever persistent nature photographers. In India wildlife tours offer much more as the tour operators include historical monuments in the packages. The Taj at Agra and ancient temples of Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh are the finest destinations. For a discerning traveler, travel in the country is a study of life itself - diverse yet co-existing. 

Blogging for whole life is not enough to open the Pandora's box the country is. One needs to set foot  here to discover the paradise. The tourism infrastructure is rapidly come on par with International standards  to facilitate the tourists. All type of accommodation and means of transportation are available with ease. The internet facilitates travel in the country - Go online and see for yourself.