Thursday, October 28, 2010

Death of a tiger? News

Ever since the down slide of the tiger in India has become apparent the casus belli has created deep consternation. First it was the Project Tiger which elated then depressed. Then NTCA and what not. The down slide continues till today.

We keep on reading about death of a tiger or tigress here and there. The same goes for the leopard albeit more extensive. The situation is so precarious that a loss of one tiger in present circumstances is equivalent to hundred. The poaching of tigers in Panna and Sariska is a frightening spectacle since it happened right under the eye of the administration and that too in the core zones. How many poachers have been caught and how many of negligent staff punished. I would love to know!

Question: Who was responsible?

The poachers of course &......(sic)?

Question: Tourism (sic)?

Question: Migration?  

Where to? No forest left. 

Question: Disturbance by tourists?

Tigers have bred well in popular tiger reserves despite tourism. Nobody knows what happens in reserves not visited.

Question: Why it happened?

Since 1971 we are still learning and finding.....How to save the tiger?   The down slide continues.

Tiger deaths elsewhere ---- sans territorial fights.... Thank God! They are dying only because of  latter now He! He!   

The down slide continues. Power circle really is more concerned of its vote bank than the tiger? People first...Who owns the Earth?  

Once I had an argument with an important official in conservation regarding search and  punishment of all poachers big and small.

"Put into action law and order!" I suggested.

He just brushed my question aside as absurd. "What are we doing? He said.

But believe me I once mentioned this to FD of a park. He told me bluntly, "The area is so big what can I do?"

We did not discuss "Power Protection" "Negligence" "Political Apathy" "Corruption" "Punishment Posting".

Yes we did discuss "Dilapidated Protection Machinery" "Public Apathy" "Vermin Syndrome" "Pest Syndrome" "Fear of Animals".....  I told him how ineffective beat/forest guards are whence confronting local goons and gangs.

That time there did not appear to be any  regular night patrolling and intelligence collection. Is there now?"

"More concerted efforts sir?" I said.

He just looked at me silently.        

Our last hopes rely on parks like Kanha which have hitherto shown excellence in management. 

The fact is that most of the tiger deaths in India are due to poaching, thanks to our neighbor's eating & treating habits. Man animal conflict is a serious problem. Habitat Loss! Human apathy is one more. Encroaching construction is turning out to be a death knell, a complete shrinkage of natural ecosystem - habitat. Political apathy and management crisis at places. (Read lethargy & negligence) - Death due to negligence - electrocution of tiger in Pench a short distance from Karmajhiri RH.     

How to save the tiger?

Jago re India Jago re!