Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Of missing tigers

It is nightmarish, the animal looms large in your head all the time. It is not a paranoia nor infatuation. For whence the tiger goes so will its associates and nature debunked.

Whence you cannot save an animal so deep rooted in our soul and so popular what can you?

The tigers have gone missing in Panna and Sariska ...this is a definite beginning of the end. The merry go round has male from here and two females from that all?   What about the tigers that went missing? Who took them, definitely it is not tiger tourism the latest coy toy of those sitting at helm...the saviors of our Demi God. Controlled tiger tourism is bread and butter for many as well as it reflects positively upon the whole ecosystem.

The animal is amazing, it does not show its numbers. From twenty eight to no tigers left and nobody cried "Wolf". No amount of brainstorming works...this approach and that approach only gives meaning and purpose to the saviors.

It is a simple fact that majority of the tigers we are loosing are at the hands of the poachers and their vicious network. Get at is a law and order problem. Take a punitive action that sets a discouraging example to the marauders.

But then this simple fact and consecutive action gets mired in complex web of Indian bureaucracy..democratic urgency and at time sheer lethargy and inaction.    God Save The Tiger!