Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Indian wildlife enthusiasts NGOs & Wildlife Lovers

As New Year Greeting!! I mention below NGOs which are doing a lot to protect our wildlife and environment.

Wildlife Lovers

Indian is haven for wildlife and wildlife lovers. More popularly known as nature lovers. These are people who are involved with nature in many ways. Some are nature conservationist and protect wildlife as part of NGO. Many are wildlife photographers and some are like me who sometimes write about nature conservation and work as freelance nature guides. Many just appreciate and respect all forms of life on earth. Some way or other these people also play a part in conserving nature and environment.

Indian wildlife lovers tour extensively in their pursuit to discover and see endemic and rare wild animals, birds and reptiles. Not only India, wildlife enthusiasts from all over the World appreciate and play active role in conservation.  There are many NGOs/Individuals from India and in Europe mainly in USA and UK who work to conserve rare species in India. They are the voice of the people who impress upon the policy makers to take right decisions where in other forms of life get protection and sanctuary in the country.

plays an active role in nature conservation all over the World. While NGOs like BNHS are active in nature conservation and creating awareness among Indians.  The society publishes a journal which is very informative and scientific in nature. It also publishes and informative magazine.

or Wildlife Protection Society of India plays active role in comprehending wildlife criminals and preventing crimes against nature.  The society is active in conservation of tigers, leopards and other wildlife species in India facing threats. Like wise WTI and Ranthambhore Foundation also work for nature conservation.

Even wildlife photographic magazines like Sanctuary Asia offer lot of information on Indian wildlife and conservation measure that are being taken today. The magazine explores niche as well as less popular destinations for its readers.There are many proactive societies which do not find mention here but the list below may have their details.