Friday, June 27, 2008

Tiger Safari at Barnawapara

Situated in the newly carved state of Chattisgarh in Central India, Barnawapara Sanctuary is one of the popular wildlife destinations in India. Set in the district of Mahasamund, Barnawapara Sanctuary is small wildlife preserve with an area of two hundred and forty five kilometers as compared with area of Kanha National Parkwhich is 1945 sq.kms.

  • Fauna

In terms of wildlife viewing Barnawapara sanctuary is unique and has mammalian population equal to major National Parks and Tiger Reserves of India. Major mammals like tiger, leopard and number of deer species make Barnawapara their home. Flying squirrel, hyena and other lesser seen animals like chinkara and four horned deer are visible here.

The sanctuary has size able numbers of bison and sambar. The chital population is well established to support major carnivora like, tigers, leopards and Indian wild dogs.

  • Flora
The forests are mixed tropical dry deciduous type with prominence of Teak, Sal and Saaj. The undualting terrain supports Bamboo on slope and mixed tree species on plains. Other species of trees found at Barnawapara are Semal, Mahua, Ber and Tendu.

Best time to visit Barnawapara sanctuary is from November to June.

The sanctuary is at a distance of eighty five kilometers from Raipur and sixty kilometers from Mahasamund railway station.