Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kanha in Rains..

Kanha is subject to many seasons like any where else in India. The rains have major impact as they manage to get the park closed albeit delivering much succor to the tourist fed wildlife. The visitor stream is never ending at this magnificent nature preserve. The visitors keep coming even if the rain is forecast such is the attraction for this tiger habitat.

The drizzle casts a sheen of silver gray haze over the forests and savanna grasslands. The sun is conspicuous by its absence it is enchanting experience to go for a wildlife safari at Kanha. It is a new experience although Indian wildlife watching is difficult as all animals except the spotted deer move deep in the jungle. The tigers after facing the grime of the hot summers celebrate the cool rains and move in deep into the forest and relax. The rains ends the stress among the life forms at Kanha. It rejuvenates and nourishes and regenerates the whole ecosystem.

The surroundings are serene peaceful and refreshing thanks to the absence of heat and strong sunlight. The resorts at Kanha accommodate the last stream of visitors as they prepare for the end of the tourist season. For many resorts it is time to recollect the business that they fetched and what more they can do to make tiger safari adventure more appealing to the visitors.