Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tiger - Photography - Nature

tiger scent markingstiger breeding behaviourThese photographs are video trimmings of tigers at tiger safari at Kanha National Park. The photos depict tiger biology and habits to some extent...

Tiger spraying pheromones in its territory this is a way indicate to tigress of its presence and warn other male tigers to stay out. The tiger penis is bent in reverse direction and the hormone or urine laden with pheromone is sprayed on tree barks, clump of grass, leaves etc.

mating tigers
Tigers scenting another male tiger or tigress in estrous..ready for mating.


Tiger on a kill in this case a spotted deer fawn which it had killed couple of hours ago. Tigers hunt mostly in the night but no rule hunger is hunger and it will hunt its prey any time of the day if required. Tigers ignore human beings when they are involved in an activity including rest. This is really surprising as they can be very shy and elusive at times..they are afraid of human beings.

Tiger are thirsty animals and drink often in a day especially after a meal as in the case of this young tiger. Tigers love water as they are incapable of standing the heat of Indian summers. They move deep into the forest and lie in a shade or dip in a water to cool themselves ...this is known as thermo regulation.