Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tiger Tour at Kanha Tiger Reserve

Kanha beckons and again and again. Serenity is salubrious and the grandeur is amazing. It is an exciting amphitheater where tigers rule over man.....majestic...real life Bengal tigers. The amazing diversity invites a large number of tourists, wildlife photographers and researchers.

Over the years wild animal population has increased in the park. This has happened alongside the growth in vegetation and forest canopy. The rivers have become robust, water holes, rivulets, tanks and man made dams retain water for a longer time.

The number of Bengal tigers in the park is steadily increasing thanks to conservation. Kanha National Park will play a key role in saving the tiger from extinction.  

Kanha tiger reserves is the right place for wild Bengal tiger safari in India. Apart from the tiger, Kanha is famous for the Hard ground barasingha (cervus duavcelli branderi) or the swamp deer which was saved form the brink of extinction thanks to dedication and ground breaking research by Dr.George Schaller and Dr. Claude Martin and at the later stage by Dr. Rajesh Gopal former park director and director project tiger.

One can see the spotted deer, barking deer, sambar deer and with luck sloth bear and the leopards. The birds of Kanha are a delight to the bird watchers and tiger watchers alike.

As naturalist, I assist in tracking the tigers, in birding and wildlife watching in general. For bookings and details contact me...Uday Patel