Friday, August 24, 2007

Tiger Sighting

The most thrilling moment in one's life is sighting the rare and elusive tiger and that is what a tiger tour offers to a tourist. Most of the tiger sighting in Indian tiger reserves is on elephant back but for the lucky ones they can come across a tiger on the jungle trek. This happens less but when you experience such an adventure it is simply breathtaking. The moment is filled with spine tingling fear and excitement though the fear is unfounded as the tiger is a thorough gentlemen. Harmless if undisturbed. It follows the law of the jungle to tee.

The King of the forest has been so ignominiously treated by the humans that he is on the brink of extinction। For a tiger lover or an eco tourist, those who venture into the wild seeing a tiger is not enough, he should strive to save the tiger any which way he can।

The tiger is just not for tourism he is an important aspect of the environment being on the top of the food chain and an indicator species that tells the state of the forest. These forests are important for man as the source of precious water and food. This fact very few people understand specially urban dewellers.