Sunday, January 20, 2019

Who Are the Perpetrators of Worst Injustice on Earth!

This article certainly does not extol the virtue of vegetarianism but at the same time does not criticize the personal food choice. I eat meat strictly whence slaughtered without pain. This article does not extol the preachings in Vedas which have since five thousand years back advocated preservation of life forms precious - through veneration. We consider cows as holy. But at the same time do we treat our cows well??? Leave them on streets hungry, derelict and become a cause of deadly accidents and yes of International Shame.    

This article speaks about other life forms! Have mercy on all life forms, including (vermins sic) that may not agonize you whence tortured or killed. I mean all. 

How some of us treat them!

NO question mark if you notice above. Some of us are merciless inhumans or life form of the worst kind. When threat perception arises, greed overcomes, sport instincts or just plain hate gives some of us extreme pleasure and revengeful feelings arise...some of us do the following:  

Kill, snare, maim, electrocute a tiger. Hang a leopard by the pole after thrashing it to death. Kill a deer and distribute meat. Tie a sloth bear and display. The state of rhesus macaque as the above image speaks. Kill a snake on sight. Thrash a dog. Kill a bird with slingshot! Shoot animals for pleasure and sport. Torture animals for sport in the name of culture. Crush elephants under the rails, kill them as raiders in their own land. Cage animals for pets, hang them dead on the wall as decor. Wear fur, make shoes and trophies of wild animals. Incarcerate a fish for life in a glass container.   

Snatch scant habitats of other lifeforms. Who are the usurpers? The land grabbers? After doing this some still affirm their belief in the almighty. Did the almighty create life to be treated this way! 

What exactly is sacrosanct? Only that which affects our sensitivities or goes against  the dogmas? 

Some of us even consume endangered wild animals and birds with scant regards to their status. Wood loggers, polluters of our precious water sources and those who dig deep into the mother earth for greed. Those who ravage forests - our lungs and grassland....the precious ecosystems.  

These are the vermins! Their acts will one day force us to explain to our gennext on respirator....that why we failed you.  

That some of us do not care about other life forms especially those who fail to agonize their sensitivity. It is obvious!      

All those who indulge in this callous merciless activities are creatures of the worst kind. No need to hide behind the veil of culture, ideology or other sensitivities for the perpetrators of inhuman deeds.  

The message is clear preserve all Earthly elements and life forms or perish!

What we can do? Prevent cruelty if possible! Speak or write against this cruelty!