Friday, December 21, 2018

Kids For Tigers A Conservation Initiative

Catch them young! 

Kids for Tigers Sanctuary Asia

The program aims at creating awareness and love for nature amongst the growing children in a holistic manner with the critically endangered tiger in focus. In an ambience stifled by disastrous policies and equally disastrous road map for development it is crucial to give birth to future statesmen, bureaucrats, politicians, opinion makers and all else who will govern this country in time to come and shape policies that would preserve, regulate and enhance environmental aspects favourably. This conservation initiative is a commendable effort by Sanctuary Asia and editor/publisher (conservationist) Bittu Sahgal.
India today is at crossroad entangled by issues that will have a pronounced futuristic impact on our environment. Lethargy, ineptitude, clear cut disregard and a hasty and unplanned approach to development that does not seem to be India specific is having a telling effect. 

The present generation's attitude is by all means rapacious where in the greed, urgent populist developmental approach would destroy our natural lands and rivers further - the crucial sources of fresh air, clean water and healthy food.    

Human Centric Approach - Absolute Disregard for Nature or Other Life Forms

Conservation today is a crusade to save whatever remains. It is not a one up mechanism or anti-establishment or an elitist ideologue - it is a practical approach as to how we shape our Earth by our activities.   

In the contemporary era we have ravaged forests, occupied grasslands, damaged desert ecology, junked mountains and streams, and the dismal state of our rivers is not hidden by any means. A large number of species have become extinct and equally large number of species are facing imminent extinction. The fossil fuels are eroding our protective outer layers and Co2 emissions are sounding the death knell. 

Why Bother?

Well if climate change does not augur an alarm then further degradation will be bound to have a greater impact on our lives - negative. Our coming generations will pay the price since negative environmental impact has not been instantaneous to cause an alarm. Nature fights back to equalise and hence the impact of wrongdoings may be excruciatingly slow due to the tug of war. This deceives us into thinking that all we are doing is right.         

In an overpopulated country like India aiming to be a leader in economic pursuits the pressure on natural resources is very much evident.  Over the graveyards of our ecosystems we are building four lane highways, ever expanding settlements, airports, malls, factories, recreational centers etc and all at reckless speed.

We want to create a grandeur that far outdoes cities in the developed World.  In the process we fail to realise the environmental havoc we are giving birth to, we fail to realize the sudden upsurge of deadly and crippling diseases, rise of disabilities and an overall increase in mortality due to negative environmental factors that we have created in the rush. We fail to realize the social and economic disparities, religious extremism, rising crime and deadly violence because we have moved away from nature. All we see is the materialistic elements around us and we wish for more and more, the hunger will never be satiated.         

Much in need for circumspection, the path to development is raking havoc as forests are being dissected for highways, pathways and whatnot.  The rivers are facing unprecedented pollution from industrial effluents and mega dams, linking, and diversions that could inundate crucial ecosystems, endanger vulnerable species that are unable to withstand the unnatural ecological impacts. Our mining activities are nothing but disastrous as large chunks of land go infertile and  completely ravaged. Our industrial belts are spewing venom unchecked and the expanding urbanity is engulfing remaining wilderness. We have moved away from the Vedas! 

All this negativity requires thought, sincerity and planning before we rush into things. And if we adults have failed  or overpowered by short sight or greed the disaster awaits. 

The kids for tigers program tends to shape vision among the young with its recreational educational outreach to inculcate better values and sensitise the coming generation about nature. Hundreds of schools have participated in this program through film shows, lectures, audio visuals and nature outings etc. This is a wonderful outreach for making a better tomorrow for India and its tigers which are a dependent upon us to preserve their ecosystems .   

I have conducted slide shows/lectures in over forty schools and the enthusiasm among the children and school teachers has been palpable and encouraging.   

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