Friday, December 23, 2016

Does Rise in GDP Absolves us of Environmental Hara-Kiri?

Ongoing destruction of natural places in lieu of development is at the behest of environmental concern in India. We have already lost large tracts of forests and grasslands to human settlements thanks to burgeoning human populations. Clear felling was another blow which did further damage in earlier times.  

In present times managing our environment is a prerogative of the ruling class. Our policies are populist and marred by ever growing human needs and concerns. Nature does not understand human inadequacies; it is sensitive, fragile and perishable.  The long term consequences of destroying the remaining ecosystems in the country are foreseeable. Unstable climate and plunging health indices are warning us to awaken before it is too late.   

A species lost is lost forever. The sad state of the tiger is an indicator of our environmental health not only that of the ecosystem that it is limited to.  The increase in population of lions in Gujarat is nothing to be proud of in absence of requisite habitat. The World is losing huge number of species along with large tracts of precious forests with each passing day.  This should act as an eye opener for us in India.    

Uncontrolled mining and uncontrolled use of natural resources will certainly lead to disastrous consequences, and its effects could be felt by generations. This much after the short term benefit of the materials has come to an end. 

The green house effect and the unstable climate in recent time is as a result of sum total of our negative approach towards the conservation of nature. Cities reeling under choking smog and pathetic living spaces are perfect example of resources being over overburdened.  

Economic growth is of utmost important to the Nation of 1.25 billion people. But that does not negate environmental concerns and absolve us of committing hara-kiri.