Sunday, December 18, 2016

Do Away With Exotic Pets

Paradoxically this habit prevails even in countries most sensitive to human issues. Keeping exotic pets is an invidious and obsessive hobby of people in many countries. It may be of no consequence if the animals, birds, reptiles and insects are treated with utmost care and love.

Until unless we do not accord a status of equality to all life forms the heinous crimes will continue unabated. Such issues do not cause political or social upheaval sadly.     

This habit is one of the causes of species becoming extinct or critically endangered. Though innocuous it may seem, the demand for exotic pets is giving rise to illegal trade in endangered species. The time and effort spent by agencies to stop or curtail this maddening phenomena is tremendous - financially and physically.

The rise in wildlife crimes is due to the demand for exotic species, body parts like bones for medicine/cosmetics, body adornments, talismans, and of course drawing rooms items (stuffed butterflies) sic.

The desire to consume exotic/endangered life forms is suggestive of cultural inadequacies that should be corrected timely. This malady is widespread prevalent, and can be brought under control or stopped by creating awareness especially through the electronic and social media.     

I do not know how many of the pet keepers are aware of the gory consequences, and of untold misery suffered by these creatures, many of  which are certain to become extinct and hence lost for ever.    

Discouraging such hobby and the hobbyist is first step to prevention of illegal trade in wildlife. Stepping up pressure by people for auguring a protective legislation in place is of utmost necessity.   

India does not allow killing of wild forms as well keeping them as pets.  This sensitivity (Ahimsa) is attributed to Vedic Culture and hence the unique conservation ethos prevalent since thousands of years. Vegetarianism also helps.

But the global demand, certainly, has given rise to a criminal nexus (India) engaged in illegal exports of life forms. The status of tiger is critical due to the demand for its bones in China and other Asian countries used as wonder medicine sic.  
Bunty Jain - Bengal Tiger

Say no to pets before thousands of species perish. Say no to exotic food containing highly endangered species. Say no to cosmetics containing animal parts.....Say No to all that harms other life forms.