Monday, September 14, 2015

Development: Is this not an issue?

I happened to pick up a book by Samar Singh a conservationist of repute titled "Conserving India's Natural Heritage". In his book he sketches the depredation of our natural lands and the conservation action that is taking place after realization. He rightly eulogizes our erstwhile PM Smt. Indira Gandhi for her committed approach to nature conservation. Because of her courage to plan, implement, intervene, prevent and impose such that many life forms and natural lands received a breather perhaps for eternity.          

In order to up the development scale we are reckless in our approach - the destruction of natural lands goes on. Be it greedy development, one sided human rights activities, sheer disregard for habitats...whatever. The Earth belongs to all life much space is being accorded to them...are we the judge?  
Indian Rhino


Tigress with cubs

Common Kingfisher

Vine Snake

Photo Credits: Dharmagiri - Jungle Home Pench.

The foreward by Shri M.S. Swaminathan acts as an eye opener. He writes that "Conservation is development and the basic support systems have to be seen as integrated whole". 

How many do?

Reckless development or exploitation of crucial natural resources resulting in depredation is nothing but  harakiri a genocide virtually. The brunt of dilapidated ecosystems and the cost incurred there in will be paid by the coming generations.  We have to learn to preserve our natural lands and also recover or return them back to a preserved state by action and policies and not by speech.  

Sustainable development means harnessing our resource for renewed availability and not one time go. The economic upliftment and empowerment of masses should not be at the cost of crucial life support systems. Already overburdened Earth with one species growing unchecked is devastating ecosystems all over. 

But all this rationality seems irrational to those committed to unchecked development resulting in depletion of crucial resources and gene pools which will be lost for eternity. 

.Give space to other life forms please