Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Save the tiger campaign - Bandhavgarh

Tirath Singh at Bandhavgarh has organized a wonderful save the tiger campaign. Far removed from the rowdy thundering motorbike fanatics who kill many on the road, the bike has been put to good use here.  About a team of twenty five young lads rode from one village to another in the periphery of Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh. 

The message was simple save the tiger, it is part of us. They rode 170 km covering twenty five villages spreading tiger awareness and creating sympathy for nature's most wonderful creation. Many more campaign are yet to come. Thank you sentinels of the wild.  

Some of the other participant were

Rajeev Singh Pinku

Mahesh Singh

Mukesh Berman

RamNaresh Berman

Kamlesh Barman

Sunjay Singh

R. B singh

Kapil Tejwani

Annu berman

Raghu Singh

Sunil Yadav

Uttam Singh

Naresh Singh

Hariom Tiwari

Raju Pawar