Sunday, August 7, 2011

A letter to the Tiger

Tiger By Peter Jones
Tiger Sir!

First of all beg pardon for what we humans have done to you and your home land.

Sitting at the apex of the pyramid or food chain. You encompass the whole ecosystem animals, birds, insects, everything. You have secured water for all, you have preserved natural vegetation - flora and fauna and as a result the whole environment - by following the rules of nature. Thank YOU. 

It is a shame that we have overtaken almost whole of the land and set you in small pocket. In India your Kingdom is reduced to barely one percent of the land - rest ruthlessly over taken by us. Even in that land we call protected areas there are fierce battles going on for access, manipulated by acts, this right and that right. These steps show no concern for other life is human first and that will remain... of course unfortunately you nor other wild denizens have learned to vote and join the mainstream. 

You are trying to give us back our natural environment and a better life for future generation. But it appears it is a battle in vain. We believe in a political system where human urgency dominates. We believe in and economy where you do not stand a chance ...psst neither I do.  We believe that we can err and be pardoned, but you cannot in spite of your behavior being gentlemanly to the core.      

We are a selfish and believe in only one life form that is US. I know and you know that it is a loosing battle. But while making your last stand you must remember that there are many who fought for you and are still fighting so that you survive in natural environment for eternity.

I met you this year in Corbett and Kanha this year.... you are so secretive many times we fail in discovering your way about.  You were as majestic as ever but I wanted to tell you that do not stand a chance. Hide in your den please. First it was the hunters than more vicious poachers who sell your parts to medicine makers in China and other Asian country's. You cannot change your stripes for some rich and ignorant people love to wear coat made out of your fur.

Tiger Tourism has increased your value one way or other. People come from far and near to have a glimpse of you. Is this not ironical, since we continue with our destructive way of life and have failed to protect you.

You are sometimes disturbed by us, but let me tell you many people realize nature conservation once they see you. Anyway you have known us for centuries.  Nothing survives in Human dominated World till it gains importance and value... you better learn. You have to increase your value by your charismatic appeal and the role you play on Earth.  Whatever Way!

All I can say further is that your well wishers wish to see you on Earth for eternity.   

warm regards 
Uday Patel