Friday, January 28, 2011

Who's Pride is it? Anyway

The delay and hesitation in offering a lion pride for Kuno Palpur in MP is indeed saddening. The endangered Asiatic Lion of Gir National Park in Gujarat is the only stock left in the wild. It is imperative that the lions find a second home in order to escape inbreeding and epidemic. This will perhaps reduce man animal conflict  in place where species habitat is limited. Gir has been an excellent example of conservation but it is isolated with human population and live stock in the periphery.

The Lions are Gujarat's pride as well as National pride. Trans locating  few animals to new home will increase the pride of the State further and not diminish. A magnanimous approach is the order of the day. Gujarat administration has shown admirable flair for economic development. Thanks to positive and far reaching steps.  The people of Gujarat are very compassionate towards other life forms.  I am sure that rationality will prevail. 

We as humans have always had a chauvinistic attitude towards nature. The good of the species out weighs our parochial attitude, as it's right to live. We do not own the Earth, we share it with other life forms and it is important that we leave space for them.       

Gujarat state will certainly benefit from tigers trans located to its wild habitat. Since tigers once habituated the state's wilderness, The tiger will find a new sanctuary as they are severely endangered. The lion has right to live and that to with dignity. If we take positive steps in the species survival we will be making an effort to strengthen its existence - a wonderful creation of Almighty.