Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tiger Safari Basics

The majestic tiger is the World’s most enchanting and magnificent animal. To see tiger is a dream for many and the best places to see tiger are in Central Indian tiger reserves of Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench. These National parks have the highest density of tiger population among Indian preserves, hence a wildlife lover and conservationist will stand the maximum chance of sighting the rare, elusive tiger in India.

The best option for a wild tiger safari is to book your tiger tour through and eco travel agency that offers package tours in which you travel in groups to your destinations for watching Indian birds and amazing wildlife. The package tours are usually of about two weeks and itinerary includes historical places like the Taj Mahal at Agra and the Red Fort, Kutub Minar to name a few. It could also include a visit to Khajuraho temples in Madhya Pradesh. India is vast so you could be traveling North, South or East and West depending upon the destinations you plan to visit but for tiger sighting MP offers the best chance.

Once you have booked your tour for an independent travel or in a package tour. You need to prepare in advance before you arrive in India.

Learn about the weather and climate beforehand so you can fetch clothes accordingly. Buy a book on Indian wildlife/birds and read well to understand Indian animals and birds. Hire naturalist guide which any way the Indian tour operators provide often. By knowing beforehand about the wildlife and birds you are going to enjoy the tiger reserves better and will get a holistic view of Indian environment.

Keep at hand a good camera, photography accessories; binocular and useful books on Indian birds and Bengal tiger. Most of the wildlife sanctuaries are in deep interiors and you may not get a medicine or a beverage of your choice so keep them in your bag and of course cash at hand.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tiger Tour Guide

I have added important resources for tiger tour which I am sure those interested in wild jungle safari in India will find useful. The links are about project tiger and major Indian National Parks and Tiger reserves.

The links also give a brief on Indian wildlife for naturalist guides, nature lovers and conservationists. My effort is to provide all tiger tour details at one spot for eco tourist traveling in India to see tiger and Indian wild life.
I would welcome suggestion from the reader on how to improve this blog by adding important travel info to make a travelers trip a success.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wild Safari

Do you wish to experience tiger adventures or read about then in an online wildlife magazine.

The thrill of tiger sighting is well known but then have you encountered a tiger on kill.

Have you seen a tiger mock charge and roar while posturing an aggressive stance.

Or a tiger ambushing a bison which can be a 1000 kilograms in weight. At least four times its weight.

Have you seen tigers mating or a scuffle between two full grown male tigers over a female in heat.

Have you seen a tiger chasing a leopard - its arch rival. Or pummeling an irritating wild dog to death.

Have you seen a tiger cub or cubs. There cannot be a more beautiful moment in your life than when sighting tiger cubs. They are an epitome of beauty, innocence and impish delight that delights us so much when exhibited by our own young ones.

Have you seen a crested hawk eagle pouncing on a full grown peacock. The raptor strikes with amazing speed and ferocity and the prey is lifeless in minutes.

Have you heard the alarm calls of spotted deer and the sambar.

Have you heard the loud bugle like mating calls of the swamp deer. Have you visited the tiger land or seen a tiger at all, if not then go for a tiger safari now.
Visit Pench, Kanha or Bandhavgarh now for more information contact me. Uday Patel